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"Obsolete is not in our dictionary "

  • "Oil Engine;
  • "Ingersoll Rand NNE-3"
  • "Bucyrus 5W walking dragline;

Welcome To Kountry Kraftshop

Do you have...

Equipment that needs TLC, but no one wants to service it?

A need for more equipment but not sure where to find it.

A upcoming project and need some oversight?

Or are you tired of...

Listening to the parts department laugh at you.

The manufacturer saying we never built one of those.

Hearing, "I haven't seen one of those for 30 years."

You are at the right place!

Quick overview of Kountry Kraftshop

Kountry Kraftshop was the name that my dad, C.T. Henderson chose for his woodworking and upholstery business that he operated in the late 1960's through the mid 80's. He was honored when a customer put their trust in his craftsmanship and he did everything in his power to maintain that trust. He taught the family the value of a handshake and living up to whatever promise that you might make, no matter what.

Our family has embraced that tradition. And the name!


Kountry Kraftshop is a small family owned operation that serves a very special niche market. Our clientele runs the gambit from collectors and hobbyists to nonprofit organizations to large corporations that need a special project completed. Our specialty is working on machinery that most people won't. From large stationary Corliss steam engines to walking draglines, from Rock Crushers to Mining Hoisting engines, from Hotmetal Linecasting machines to platen style printing presses, from Lineshaft driven machine tools to railroad turn tables, from speeders to.......................... Well, you get the picture. If it is old, considered obsolete and you can't find anyone that has ever heard of it, much less wants to work on it, look no further. Our services cover the full spectrum, from project viability consulting, project management, specific repair/rigging needs to complete turn key project solutions. On larger projects Kountry Kraftshop has the ability to call on a number of specialized craftsmen and technical support personnel that are experts in their field. Kountry Kraftshop very seldom turns down a potential project!

Kountry Kraftshop has 2 separate divisions. 1) Project management, metal machining/fabrication, woodworking, repair and restoration, 2) Rigging and transportation. A sister company provides parts and service for small engines.

Marshall Henderson Chief Cast Iron Caretaker

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